Why NCBC Membership?

NCBC’s members are the instrumental component of our organization.

With a NCBC membership you not only receive benefits specific to breast health professionals but you also have an opportunity to apply your experience to the everyday challenges of a breast health facility. NCBC recognizes that our goal of improving breast care for patients is through evidence-based education, advocacy, certification and quality validation programs for NCBC members.

NCBC accomplishes this goal through the NCoBC Annual Conference, Info Exchange program, Navigator Certification, Certified Breast Examiner Certification, the NQMBC® Quality Program and many networking opportunities. If that is not enough, NCBC also partners with the most advanced breast health suppliers to give you the most up-to-date information through a bi-monthly member only newsletter.

The question to ask is...WHY NOT membership!

NCBC Facility Membership - More Value Than Ever Before!

Facility Membership includes:

  • Access to the NQMBC program - A quality initiative of the National Consortium of Breast Centers.
  • The Breast Center of Excellence Certification through NQMBC
  • National Quality Data Collection for participating member facility


The NQMBC is the only breast care-specific quality management program of its type.

Breast centers choosing to participate in the NQMBC will join a national quality documentation program based on clearly defined measures with a decade of experience, hundreds of participants and millions of data points. Participants possess the ability to confidentially compare themselves to all other program users with immediate feedback using user-specified filters to enhance relevance to one's own breast center.  In addition, the program allows participants to track their own performance over time. Participants may select any number of measures for submission---from one to the entire complement of measures.

The NQMBC is the only breast care-specific quality management program of its type, offering performance monitoring of service delivery, professional performance and clinical outcomes across the patient's journey from screening through diagnostics, surgery and adjuvant therapies. NQMBC is working with industry to automate the data collection process to reduce the time and resources necessary to develop a quality management program.  Through participation in NQMBC, data reporting requirements of accrediting agencies and payors can be met.

The NQMBC envisions and intends to facilitate a concise national breast care dataset based on performance measures with standardized definitions.

NCBC Information Exchange - This invaluable, one of a kind resource allows you to log into the member area of the website and post your breast center specific questions. And in a short period of time other members, professional speakers, board members, and medical profession- als around the world will reply with expert information and feedback on your post. 

Next level Certifications for Navigator, CBE and BSE - Most comprehensive program in the industry in regards to multidisciplinary care.

Attend the NCoBC Annual Breast Center Conference - Be captivated by 80 world renowned speakers from over 8 countries and visit nearly 100 breast industry exhibitors with the most ad- vanced technology and software to date. All while earning from 25 to 40 CME’s, which is one of the best valued educational opportunities available.

Receive 10% Discount* off Registration to the NCoBC Annual Breast Center Conference for up to 5 staff members.

Receive a Certificate of Membership - Proudly display your certificate of membership and let your staff, community and patients know your facility is dedicated to excellence in breast health care.

Don’t wait! NCBC Facility membership is just $50 a month - payable only as a onetime payment of $600 a year.  Membership gives your Breast Center access to the NQMBC program,  Breast Center of Excellence Certification process and all hosting costs for the NQMBC data collection of your facility. Also included is access to the NCBC Information Exchange program, Navigator, CBE and BSE certification programs and ability to attend the  NCoBC Annual Interdisciplinary Breast Center Conference at a10% savings for up to 5 of your staff.  A Savings of up to $385.00!

To Enroll for or Convert your NCBC Facility Membership contact:
Wendy Anderson  574.401.8111