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Thank you for your interest in the International NQMBC Quality Program. This program is focused on collecting breast care quality data from any participating breast center from any country for the improvement of breast cancer patient care. As a participant in the International NQMBC Quality Program, your site will be able to enter your own performance data to track performance over time and compare your experience with other facilities and countries

Our program began in 2005 and there is a large amount of content in our database. In the last three years we have completely upgraded the measures, the website and the ease of use. We hope you will find great value in collecting your own data on quality measures and being able to compare your performance with others. You may choose only a few measures or many measures, the choice is yours. Most centers pick specific quality measures that are of importance to them. All your data is strictly confidential and is not available to anyone else but your own site.

The benefits of our program rely on the accurate collection and the truthful submission of performance data to produce quality reports. We require signatures of three individuals (the head administrator, the senior radiologist and the senior breast surgeon) that confirm any and all data submitted is true and accurate under penalty of permanent expulsion from the program.

Such a vibrant quality program does require ongoing support by our Breast Center Facility members. Facility membership provides many benefits from our NCBC parent organization which include discounted admission to our annual meetings. Other benefits of Facility membership may be found Once a Facility member, participation in the International NQMBC Quality Program is free.

Recognizing that resources are not equal across the globe, we have structured our Facility participation fees concomitant with the World Bank’s country classification list.

Facilities from middle income countries may participate at a 50% discount

Facilities from low-income countries receive a 75% discount on Facility membership.

Applicants qualifying for these discounts should email to get a discount code.

If you would like to participate in the International NQMBC Quality Program, please complete and submit this interest form. Completing the form does not put you under any obligation, but it is a required first step in order to participate.

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NCBC facility membership is required to participate in the NQMBC program. Is your breast center currently a member of NCBC?