Compare Your Performance

Compare Your Performance Instantly with the Secure NQMBC® Member Database

Immediately after entering data, NQMBC® Program participants have the opportunity to compare themselves with others. Participants may choose the comparison report that allows comparison of their breast center with other centers with a similar profile. For example, you may want to compare an indicator’s value against those who have similar volumes of annual
mammograms. By choosing the appropriate filters the report will reflect the data for those centers only.

The reports generated can be printed and used internally in your organization or for your marketing efforts.

Comparison reports also allow participants to view their responses over a multi-year time period to see trends as well as viewing responses for a specific period of time.

Aggregate Comparison Report Examples

Sample View of Measure 2 - Mammography Call-Back Rate

Percent (%) of patients called back for follow-up for additional mammography film studies of a screening program.  The numerator is the number of cases called back*  for diagnostic evaluation following screening mammogram.  The denominator is the total number of screening mammograms one. (Use one month’s data.)

* “called back” is not literal, in that the patient left the center. This just means that they required additional views.

Comparison Over Time